Barrik's Keep. Torlynn gives good experience and a few pieces of nice EQ, whereas the keep is really for avatars only. Mobs of note are Keshute and Grodinar.

Walk ( 6n, 3nw, w, n, 4e, s, w, sw, s, sw, 2s, 2sw, 2s, 2ne, n, nw, w, 2nw, w, 3nw, 3w, 2nw, 3w, s, e, 3ne, se, 4e, 2se, 3e, n, 5ne, 4nw, ne, e, 3ne, 4e, 4n, 3e, n, 2nw, 2w, 4sw, 3w, nw, 2w, 4sw ) to get from DH to the room marked in blue.