Cursed Lands, a fantastic area buried within Otherland. It is made up of two halves - Inys Haen (for 35-50), which is relatively safe and recallable; and Inys Nohr, which is quite hostile and can't be recalled out of. One trick though is to walk a mage to the start of CL and portal in to your character in Inys Nohr. This only works around the start of the town though (near Jedhian). Mobs of note are Malvos, Nazir and Jedhian (who carries Soulslayers).

Walk ( nw, 2w, 4n, e, look painting, open n, n, 26w, 2n, ne, nw, n, nw, 2w, 5n, d, 2nw, ne, e, nw, n ) to get from DH to the room marked in blue on the first image.