Dragon's Pass is an area, but running the seven coloured dragons (for hides and/or a DCoL) is often referred to as running Dragon's Pass, so I've listed it as both.

Follow the directions to Dragon's Pass ( 6s, ne, 2s, se, 2e, s, 2sw, s, 5sw, nw, 5n, ne, n, e, 2se ), you will arrive in the room shown to the southeast of the tan-coloured room. Be mindful that several of the rooms between the dragons' caves are tunneled, as well as the caves themselves. In the caves, however, you can kill the young dragons and fit more players in. I've listed how many people can fit in each, along with the number of young dragons in the cave.

Each of these dragons drop a piece of dragonhide and, with the exception of Black Rose, a dragon claw. If you collect all seven claws you can make a Dragon Claw of Legend. Each hide, along with a little gold, can be made into a piece of equipment by the four mobs in the town that I've pointed out. Just give the hide to its specific crafter and they will remove the necessary gold from your person and give you the equipment.

Dragon Item Crafter Fee
the crystal dragon
a crystal dragon bracer Fingers 2m
the white dragon, Gayalossen
helm of white dragonhide Friar O'Hare 2.2m
the blue dragon, Lithordracia
a vambrace of blue dragonscales Dundin 2m
the topaz dragon, Calaciriande
a topaz collar Fingers 2m
the red dragon, Carcacelnaur
gauntlets of red dragonhide Dundin 2.5m
the gold dragon, Lokelaurea
gold dragonhide greaves Lasselaure 10m
the silver dragon, Ondomir-Celeb
silver dragonhide armguards Lasselaure 2m
Black Rose
a black dragonscale hauberk Friar O'Hare 7m

Note: beware of the Lost Mountain Troll that wanders around the dragon caves, he will join in fights and steal your weapon.