Sands of Time Maze


The Sands of Time maze is in the Scourge of Time ( 8u, n, track Malsangre, say back in time ). You need to get through it to reach mobs like Kahl and Father Time.

Beware the banshees that wander in the maze. From the start point, A Dark Tunnel Through the Mystical Mountain, you need to go e, x, w to get to the trans room. The x means an unknown direction. Therefore to map the maze you will need to try each direction after the initial movement east. Leave one character at the start and use a char with track. You need six balls of light or something similar in order to mark the rooms. Move east, drop a ball, then go whichever way you want to first (either north, south or east), then scry west. The correct room will have the word "ten" in the second line of the description, as opposed to the number "10" in the same place in the description of every other room in the maze. It's also tunneled to two, so you can test it by moving in a group of three. If it isn't the right room then track back and try the next direction, or if it is then mark the other two rooms using your other character (with two and three balls respectively). You will be transed to the room with the glowing sceptre, which you push/pull to get to the door leading into the somber hall. If you log in this room, you will be transed to DH. You need a Fate Key from Rez to unlock the door. The maze resets on repop.