These paths will only work for zMUD, Tintin and MUSHclient.
These aren't all the dirs on Nelkum's page, as some require things like killing mobs or searching for a room which you shouldn't spam in.

Triple-click on a text field to highlight its entire contents, then simply paste into the command line and press enter. Multiple fields for one area means there's more than one way to get there.

Click here for zMUD directions to devotion rooms.

For more up-to-date directions, try Nelkum's page.




Area Directions
Abishai's Morgue
Along The Forest Path
Ancient City of Aurora
(fairly dangerous)
Asgard Nexus

Ashen Forest
Astral Plane
Azure Sea
Barren Peaks of Tahjliera
Barrik's Keep
Bartok Grove
Blasted Lands then scan for entrance
Blood Sea
safer path
City of Salburg
Cold Comfort
Coral Depths just to the start of the area
all the way to plunge
Crystalmir Lake
Cursed Lands
D'Morian's Lands
(safer route)
Darkhaven Art Gallery
Desert of Despair
or take the caravan
Dragon Cult
Dragon Tower need to be able to unlock/pass
one at a time only
Dragon's Pass
Drow City (invis recommended)
Dungeon then pick/bash e, d
Dunhill Demesnes
Dwarven Catacombs (invis and hide recommended)
Dylan's Area
Eastern Trade Route
Elemental Canyon just to the start of the area
all the way to the mobs
Emerald Hills
Ezard's Fields
Florebit In Immortalis Iuvenis
Forest of Tears
Forgotten Woods
Glimwinkle's Windmill
Great Eastern Desert
Green Forest
Halls of Knowledge / Academy
Haven of Everlasting Light (some aggro mobs)
High Tower of Sorcery then track ezmerelda
Intrigues of the Miden'nir (hide recommended)
Keep of Mahn-Tor minotaur village
(need invis) ogre village
Keep of Belial
King's Castle
Kingdom of Juargan
Knights of the Round
La Chute D'eau De L'ancients (need 20 str)
Lake of Tich'Pyga
Lamech's Abandoned Manor
Land of the Fire Newts (just to the start of the area)
(all the way to the down exit)
Machine Dreams
MacMillan Family Farm
Major Oak
Mire via SMR
(via FoT, has agg mobs)
Mithril Hall (just to the start of the area)
(all the way to the entrance)
Moment in Nature
Morgul Vale
Mountain of Lost Souls
Mountains of Desolation
Mulciber's Forge
New Hope Farm
New Ofcol
Northern Plains
Northern Trade Route (south end)
(north end)
Ocean Keep
(additional, to the Lady Meredith)
(additional, to the Valkyrie)
Ockwater Fens (need float/fly)
Octopus Garden (need aqua and float/fly)
Old Marsh
Old Thalos
Otherland (need aqua, float/fly) the iceberg
(need aqua, float/fly)
Peaks of Tar'pa Cithm
Pixie Forest
(more risky)
Raven Tor (invis recommended)
(or take the Meridia)
Realm of Worship
Reign of Madness then scan for down exit to "A Sharp Descent"
Redferne's Residence
Revelation City (invis recommended)
Sea of Sorrows (need aqua and float/fly)
Sentinel (invis recommended)
(invis recommended)
Sesuad'ra Rift
Seth's Fortress

Darkhaven's offal-slimed sewers
Cave tunnel (need float/fly)
Dank sewers
Forgotten sewers
Old, Filthy Sewer (need invis)
Slime infested sewers
The Sewer Labyrinth
Leech infested Sewers

Shadow Grove
Shadowport (need float/fly)
Shattered Refuge
Shattered Temple of Nae'trelle
Silvermoon Outpost
Slime Pit
Southern Mountain Range
Steading of the Hill Giants
Tayalardian Rangelands
Temple of the Moon
Thul Ab'hara (need fly)
(or take the caravan)
Tower of Despair
Tower of Enlightenment
Tower of Zenothir
Town Hall
Town of Solace
Tree of Life

Treetops and Canopy
Troll Den
Tullfuhrzky Manor
The Underworld
Unholy Grounds
Valley of Mysts
Valley of the Elves
Village of Edo (just to start of the area)
(all the way to the village)
Village of Tar'pa Cithm
The Von Deusen Mausoleum
Wastelands (need fly)
Wendle Mansion
Western Trading Route
White Pine Camp
Wild Tundra (need aqua and float/fly)
The Wilds
Winterlight Island (need aqua and float/fly)
Wolf's Den
Wyvern's Tower (invis recommended)
Ziggurat (need aqua and float/fly)