adamantium plate armor adam plate a Carnifex priest Kontaur
ancient banner of the Clan Dubh Glas brakky banner Brakkum Raven Tor
ancient sword of the kami kami sword - Village of Edo
Aura of the Shadow morph Darkness Seth's Fortress
aura of Eternal Grandeur ft aura Father Time Scourge of Time
banner of royal colors banner of royal colors Fitzgerald King's Castle
black, brimmed hat black brimmed hat Atreides Scourge of Time
black dragonscale hauberk hauberk Black Rose Dragon's Pass
black hilted sword "Shieldbreaker" SB Mandor Town of Solace
black hilted sword called "Dragonslicer" dslicer Ben Town of Solace
black, razor-toed boots (OOG) razor toed boots - -
Blackened Blade of the Corruptor corruptor blade Yoknyx Underworld
blackened demon hooves demon hooves a babau demon Sesuad'ra Rift
blackened shard name "Infinity" (OOG) infinity shard - -
blackened, mangled belt ft belt Father Time Scourge of Time
blue, glassy chain chain Kaerell Desert of Despair
boots of ancient spider venom spidey boots, mcmanus boots McManus Antall, the Lost Harbor
bracer of fire dogerif bracer Dogerif Underworld
Brimstone pentagram olsen ear Lord Olsen Scourge of Time
catoblepas tusk cato tusk Catoblepas Forgotten Woods
chains of imprisonment (impris) chains Gr'staka Blasted Lands
circle of mists bm belt Blackmote Tower of Despair
clinging strips of parasite fungus parasite fungus Overlord Graajchzrakil Shai'Ghool
Cloak of Bloodlust bloodlust cloak Dracula Transylvania
Cloak of Demons demon cloak Gr'staka Blasted Lands
coercion mcmanus pop McManus Antall, the Lost Harbor
Collar of Abyssal Servitude morph Darkness Seth's Fortress
cream-colored harem pants dobra pants, harem pants Dobra Forgotten Woods
cream-colored sash dobra sash Dobra Forgotten Woods
crystal dragon bracer crystal bracer, dpass bracer - Dragon's Pass
Crystal lens crystal lens Elder Orb Shadowport
Dark, cloven hooves dark cloven hooves Countess Sindraod Scourge of Time
dark, ever shifting belt cosmos belt, abby belt Abattoir Abattoir Asylum
Dark, fated mists ft shield Father Time Scourge of Time
dark scales of the demonic enforcer enforcer scales, delphium scales Delphium Underworld 
darkness void Darkness Seth's Fortress
deep red ring of the underworld UW ring Eylops Underworld
demonic eyes demonic eyes Amon Blasted Lands
Demonic Whispers whispers Seth Seth's Fortress
demonscale Boots demonscale boots carnifex guard Kontaur
demonskin ankle bracer dogerif ankle Dogerif Underworld
Demonspawn Stormcloud stormcloud, olsen plate Lord Olsen Scourge of Time
Dragon Claw of Legend DCoL - Dragon's Pass
Dragonhide Breastplate dhide, zyla plate - Shadowport
earring of GlassWalker bone gw ear Abattoir Abattoir Asylum
Fate's merciless grasp (OOG) fate's grasp - -
Father Time's black bong of deliberation ft bong Father Time Scourge of Time
frog's tongue frog's tongue A green frog Northern Trade Route
fur from a raccoon raccoon fur - Northern Trade Route
Garland of Skulls garland - -
gauntlets of red dragonhide red dpass hands - Dragon's Pass
girth of mangled hide froggy girth Froghemoth Ashen Forest
Gloom's beckonings glooms, gloomies McManus Antall, the Lost Harbor
godskull shinguards godskulls A Demonspawn hellknight Scourge of Time
golden braid golden braid - Southern Mountain Range
Golden Plate gplate Onyx Seth's Fortress
gray-hilted weapon, "Mindsword" mindsword Zaka Mede La Chute D'eau De L'ancients
hellborne ring of dominion dominion ring Zexlorn Underworld
hellfire leggings hellys Abattoir Abattoir Asylum
huge shield of oak oak shield Nazir Cursed Lands
Ice Arm Guards ice arms Icingdeath Darkhaven Art Gallery
Ice Earrings ice earrings Icingdeath Darkhaven Art Gallery
icy leggings icy leggings Grodinar Barrik's Keep
icy plate icy plate Grodinar Barrik's Keep
Inescapable Grasp of Doom morph Darkness Seth's Fortress
Iron Hand of Kargoth IHoK Kargoth Tower of Despair
jade cameo cameo Captain Lodd Ocean Keep
Kahl's Green Dragonhide Pouch kahl pouch Kahl Scourge of Time
Kahl's ring of Vengeance (OOG) kahl ring - -
leggings of War anhur legs Anhur Blasted Lands
Lifebane new bane Seth Seth's Fortress
long hooded cloak long hooded cloak Zaka Mede La Chute D'eau De L'ancients
long, black leather coat leather coat torturer of Redemption Mountain of Lost Souls
Lord Kahl's Thievesblade TB Kahl Scourge of Time
maddening voices mad voices Madness Knights of the Round
Malefaction (OOG) faction - -
Mark of the Beast uw mark Kalanox Underworld
Mark of the King king's mark Fitzgerald King's Castle
Mask of Disfigurement mask of disfigurement Amon Blasted Lands
mask of macabre visages mask of macabre visages Quorthem Abattoir Asylum
Matrix of Desolution matrix Magus of Evil Seth's Fortress
Maul of Stone stone maul A Stone Golem Blasted Lands
Methuselahs amulet meth amulet Concubine Transylvania
Millennium millenium Father Time Scourge of Time
Nasr, Claymore of Sovereignty nasr Corsterix King's Castle
plate of Magic anhur plate Anhur Blasted Lands
platinum band of the Draco Viridis draco (viridis) band Eylops Underworld
platinum chained mantle of O'laski olaski neck, wtr neck - Western Trading Route
pouch of purple cloth pouch Malvos Cursed Lands
Queen Guenevere's bracelet guen bracer Guenevere Knights of the Round
razor sharp scalpel scalpel Lord Pain Seth's Fortress
reddish leggings delasu legs Delasu Underworld
ring of Saturnalia sat ring Devil Tower of Enlightenment
ring of the dragons ring of the dragons - Dragon Tower
Ring of Wizardry wiz ring Lord Xyranthas Shadowport
Robe of the Magi magi robe Lord Xyranthas Shadowport
rotting animal carcass carcass Vroshna Eastern Trade Route
Saliwillow saliwillow Salix Forest of Tears
Scales of Alpha & Omega dev scales Justice Tower of Enlightenment
sceptre of Bedevilment anhur sceptre Anhur Blasted Lands
scroll worth one rename rename scroll - -
Set's ring of Power set ring Set Blasted Lands
shade helm shade helm Shade Ocean Keep
shade ring shade ring Shade Ocean Keep
shades shades Shade Ocean Keep
shades of light mols shades, light shades - Mountain of Lost Souls
shadowy pair of dragonscale arm-guards shimmy arms Shimmergloom Mithril Hall
shadowy pair of dragonscale gloves shimmy gloves Shimmergloom Mithril Hall
shadowy pair of dragonscale leggings shimmy legs Shimmergloom Mithril Hall
shadowy, coiled cobra rez cobra Rez Scourge of Time
shifting, black flames rez light Rez Scourge of Time
shimmering, yellow robe yellow robe Inysa Mountain of Lost Souls
shimmering black ring (OOG) (old) shadowcult ring, sc ring - -
shroud of darkness new shroud Seth Seth's Fortress
silver braid silver braid - Southern Mountain Range
Sin sin Countess Sindraod Scourge of Time
skull of B'rakkum brakky skull Brakkum Raven Tor
skull of Danbala danny skull Danbala La Chute D'eau De L'ancients
skull of Set set skull Set Blasted Lands
sleeves of Kahl (OOG) kahl sleeves - -
sleeves of Power anhur arms Anhur Blasted Lands
solid bracer of Cold Blue mordy bracer Sir Mordred Knights of the Round
sorceror's walking stick sorc stick Captain Faragut Ocean Keep 
Soulslayer soulslayer Jedhian Cursed Lands
source of magie noire legba light Legba La Chute D'eau De L'ancients
sparklestar sparklestar fire elemental Tower of Despair
sparkling gold bed sheet bedsheet - Desert of Despair
Spiral of Daeva orcus spiral Orcus Tower of Despair
Spoils of Thievery spoils Kahl Scourge of Time
Staff of Barad-dur staff of barad-dur Sauron Morgul Vale
staff of chiseled obsidian obsidian staff Magus of Evil Seth's Fortress
strand of polished jade strand Jade Seth's Fortress
strip of green troll fur troll fur Vroshna Eastern Trade Route
string of dragon teeth dobra neck Dobra Forgotten Woods
talisman of Darkfire df talisman Countess Sindraod Scourge of Time
talisman of the Black Dragon dalkiel / black talisman Dalkiel Scourge of Time
tarrasque's Horn tarry horn Tarrasque Moria
Tornado nado Vortex Knights of the Round
tongue of the serpent serpent tongue a priest of Khiurn'hai Mountain of Lost Souls
turqoise anklet anklet Kaerell Desert of Despair
Unholy Symbol of the Damned (OOG) brakky symbol, unholy symbol - -
veil of Hecate hecate veil Hecate Olympus
Visage of Bloodlust bloodlust visage Dracula Transylvania
wand of Orcus orcus wand Orcus Tower of Despair