Object 'bands of power' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 11 armor, weight 7.
Locations it can be worn: arms
Special properties: glow
This armor has a gold value of 3000.

Armor class is 4 of 4.
Affects strength by 1.
Affects constitution by 2.
Affects damage roll by 2.
Affects hit roll by 2.



This item is from the Graveyard ( 9w, sw, 4w, s, sw, 2w, open s, s ).

You really need a character of level 15 or below to do this, but most of the stuff can be done with a char up to level 20. I'll specify for each. Regardless of level, I recommend EQing the lowbie quite decently, having sanc and a lot of pots. The area is full of aggro mobs that will gang up on you. I'll also outline how to get the blessing of demons item, just because it's the same process. You're going to be traipsing through the larger maze of the graveyard quite a bit, so if the option is available to you, make a portal from one side of the other when you can - it'll speed things up somewhat.

There are some limitations on getting this item. Gartock, the witch and the demon, will all disappear as soon as dawn breaks, regardless of whether you speaking or fighting with them. This sucks, so try to start the puzzle off with a sizeable amount of time to spare. If you try to get the bands more than once in a repop, it will give you the blessings. Also, if you have a higher level character in the area then the witch won't do squat - log that mage off first.

Step 1: Collect the items you are going to need.
For bands of power, you'll need a skeletal hand and a bony finger (both skeleton pops).
For the blessing of demons, this means a bloodied candle (area pop) and a skull (pop from a skeleton) OR the same hand and finger as for the bands. More on this in step 3.
If you put some markers in the large maze while you're doing this then it will make it easier to get to the witch later on.

Step 2: Talk to Gartock.
Go to the smaller shifting maze in the south of the area. Find the ghost and kill it, Gartock will show up (he's a thief, will steal any gold that you happen to have on you). You have to talk to him about the witch before she will appear - say witch and say where is the witch? - make sure you have the question mark or it won't work. Once you've done this the witch will have appeared in the courtyard past the large maze, but she disappears again after a while so you should run straight to her.

Step 3: Give the items to the witch.
It's important that you don't use a character higher than level 15 to do this part - if you do the witch will disappear and take anything you gave her along with her. Even if your level is 15 or lower, the witch will disappear each time you give her the correct items, so you'll have to repeat the process if you want more. Before you take this step, be aware that you're going to be in a decent little fight - the greater demon (blessings) has fireshield, and the demonkine (bands) has shockshield. Now, if you want the blessing of demons give her the candle and skull, she'll summon an aggro demon that you have to kill, which will pop the blessings. Now, for the bands of power you will need to do this in the right order. Give her first the hand and then the finger then kill the demon, which will pop the horns of demonkine. Give the horns to the witch and she will give you the bands of power. If you gave her the finger first and then the hand, she'd pop the greater demon (with the blessings).