Object 'the Blindfold of Clarity' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 48 armor, weight 10.
Locations it can be worn:  eyes
Special properties:  hum dark
Genres allowed:  sorcerer divinity aberrant shaman
Alignments allowed:  neutral
This armor has a gold value of 420000.

Armor class is 9 of 9.
Affects save vs paralysis by -3.
Affects mana by 50.
Affects hp by 40.
Affects hit roll by -2.
Affects damage roll by 5.
Affects affected_by by infrared



Great eyewear if you're neut, lovely DR on it. If you are a neut vamp, you are almost certainly wearing this.

Carried by Justice, in the Tower of Enlightenment.