Object 'Nasr, Claymore of Sovereignty' is infused with you magic...
It is a level 48 slashing weapon, weight 35.
Locations it can be worn: wield
Special properties: glow loyal two-handed magic bless metal
Classes allowed: none
Genres allowed: fighter
This weapon has a gold value of 1000000.

Damage is 3 to 75 (average 39).
Affects damage roll by 15.
Affects hit roll by -2.
Affects hp by 190.
Affects strength by 1.
Affects wisdom by 2.
Casts spell 'cause serious'



A fantastic two-handed long blade. It's the fact that it casts cause serious that makes it so good, as it can hit 8-10 times a round, and therefore does 320-400 dmg not even counting the damage of the actual weapon. By way of comparison, a thief's circle does 200-300 dmg and has a two-round lag.

If you have one and the mob you're fighting can be hit by it, use it.

Carried by Corsterix, in King's Castle.