Some helpful tools to orient yourself in the new barbarian areas:

Path from DH [ ] to Tar'pa Village:
Path from Tar'pa Village to DH [ ]:

Dirs from recall to Tar'pa peaks: w, 2s, e, s, 2se, e
Dirs from death point to Tar'pa peaks: w, 3s, se, s, e, se, 4s, e, s, 2se, e

If you're not the walking type, the fastest way I know of to portal in/out is to have one char just to the west of the village (i.e. in the Rainbow Canyon in Barren Peaks) and one in the first room of the NTR (6n, nw of [ ]). Cast portal. Any self-respecting barbarian would make their way on foot, however.


The peaks map isn't necessarily 100% accurate. Sorry if there's mistakes.