These paths will only work for zMUD and Tintin.

Triple-click on a text field to highlight its entire contents, then simply paste into the command line and press enter.

These directions are mostly just taken directly from Nelkum's page. Any updates to the dirs are more likely to be listed there than here.




Area Location Directions
Adendra Old Marsh
A'enari Pixie Forest
Bael Thul Ab'hara

Brontrel Forgotten Woods

Cawyn Lake of Tich'pyga
Estathius Coral Depths
Ghordohl Revelation City
(8pm to 4am only)
Wyvern's Tower
(half-orcs only)
Mount Krozloy
Kalerd Azure Sea
Kardis Thalos
Keltas Cursed Lands
(sometimes kills
you for no reason)
Ancient City of Aurora
scry for "The Unimaginable",
scry for "The Unthinkable".
Mak'kor Unholy Grounds
(very dangerous!)
Treetops and Canopy    
Sarane The Shire
(very dangerous!)
Shai'Ghool If you're brave enough to try to get to Shivvan, you shouldn't be spamming dirs in, it's a big shifting maze.
Sh'Vath Tullfuhrzky Manor

Sil-Galith Moria
Tirebaen Ockwater Fens

push/pull oar until you can go north

Vl'aresch Forest of Tears
Dwarven Catacombs
(6am to pm only)
Northern Plains