Devotion Rooms

The areas in which you may find the naoi of each deity, and the deity themselves.
Well, technically they're all in Asgard Nexus, but these are the areas that link to them.

Deity Temple Naos
Adendra Astral Plane Old Marsh
A'enari Elemental Canyon
(King's Castle)
(Pixie Forest)
Town of Solace,
Emerald Hills,
Bael Underworld Thul Ab'hara
Bron'trel Astral Plane
(Scourge of Time)
Forgotten Woods
Cawyn Olympus Lake of Tich'Pyga
Estathius Crystalmir Lake Coral Depths
Ghordohl Blasted Lands Revelation City

Ashen Forest,
Mountains of Desolation)
(Revelation City)
(Tower of Zenothir)

Dragon Tower
Kalerd Great Eastern Desert Azure Sea,
Desert of Despair,
Kardis Sea of Sorrows Thalos
Keltas Moria Cursed Lands
LaChte Ancient City of Aurora Otherland,
Mak'kor Realm of Worship Unholy Grounds
Masefi Blood Sea Treetops and Canopy
Sarane Tower of Enlightenment Ashen Forest /
Forgotten Woods,
Shivvan Shai'Ghool Abattoir Asylum
Sh'Vath Warehouse Tullfuhrzky Manor
Sil-Galith Moria Mithril Hall
Tirebaen Otherland Ockwater Fens
Vl'aresch Sesuad'ra Rift Dragon Cult
Wirawyth Morgul Vale Dwarven Catacombs

Barren Peaks of Tahjliera
(The Mire)
(Northern Plains)
(Valley of the Elves)

Dragon Tower,
Dunhill Demesnes