Weapon Types

The message a weapon displays when you attack with it, and therefore which weapon type it belongs to.
Many mobs are resistant/immune to magic or non-magic weapons.
For this purpose, a non-magic weapon which has been enchanted still counts as a non-magic weapon (despite its magic flag).
Sourced from the GoM page.

Type Weapons Skill
Slice Knife / Sword Long Blades
Stab Dagger Short Blades
Slash Sword Long Blades
Hit General Pugilism
Whip Whip Flexible Arms
Claw Claw Talonous Arms
Blast Magical Pugilism
Pound Club / Hammer Bludgeons
Crush Club / Hammer Bludgeons
Bite   Pugilism
Pierce Dagger Short Blades
Suction   Pugilism
Bolt Crossbow Missile Weapons
Arrow Bow Missile Weapons
Dart Pipe Missile Weapons
Stone Sling Missile Weapons
Pea Peashooter Missile Weapons