A simple looking man stands before you; average in every way except
for the air of malignancy and the powerful psionic aura emanating
from him. As you watch, flickers of dark power rise from him, like
the flickering flames of a torch. As you watch, he levitates himself
off the floor, and grins maniacally.

a dark, ever shifting belt
an earring of GlassWalker bone

blade of the Abattoir
hellfire leggings

Bring: 1 tank, 5 thieves, 3+ clerics
Weapons: Magic
Tunnel: None
Status: Aggressive
Mob Align: Devout
IP check: Five, or worse/no pop
Spell: Paradox Flux / Quantum Spike

Spells for tank: basics, eldritch sphere, shadowform, demonskin, blazeward, acidward, protection, fly, true sight
Spells for others: basics, fly
Elemental shields: fire, ice, shock


You have to traverse a bit of a maze in Azure Sea to get to Abattoir Asylum. Ideally, leave a portal char just before the area.

From the entrance, head 3e to GlassWalker , who has the key you need to proceed (steal it). Unlock/open n. Best to leave the key here. Go n, 3ne and you'll be in the bush maze. Head n, e, all n, open grate.

Now you'll need to get the Branwen Dagger. To do so, you'll first need to get the shovel from the Occupant. Be cautious (hide/invis/sneak and scry) and head all n, e, s, 3e and get the shovel. Then head to the Gravedigger, (from the room with the shovel) 3w, n, e, ne, s. Trade him the shovel for the Ancient Dagger. Then find Branwen by sending a lone thief to track there and back.

Go to the entrance to the Garden and then n, all w, all n and a few east until you can go south. Give the dagger to the grumpy man and go all up quickly. The last up is a secret exit (can't scry/scan it), so if you can't go north then you're not all up. Go all n, all e, s. Make sure everyone's there, then push glass and go down quickly. The only exit is now south. Spell up to a degree (cast sanc, invis, all elemental shields) and scry your way through. There's a few of each of the three different mobs - spirits, priests and lunatics. The lunatics do eq damage and the spirits can't detect invis. The directions through the asylum are all s, all e, all s, all w, all n, all e. Keep going like this until you can only go west (it's two laps, I think). Once you're in that room, open fissure, east.

Trance and heal up, all you'll need now is sanc. When you're ready, go east into the trans room. You'll have to wait for everyone to be transed, but it's quite fast when compared to most trans rooms in the realms. You're in a maze, look for a room with three exits (east west northeast). When you find it, go east and west with every char until they get transed out. You'll be in the hallway - to the east of you there is a room tunneled to 2, a room tunneled to 1, then Abattoir himself. Send everyone into the room tunneled to 1 and then log till everyone's in. Spell up there.

Send the tank in first and start disarming, then everyone else follows. Abby casts earthquake, so make sure everyone has fly on. The clerics should heal the tank and fortify a bit too, although the tank should carry some heals just to be safe. He does quite a lot of eq damage, you may need to start stripping. The anti-elemental spells are just precautions, really - you should be okay if you don't have them, they'll just take a bit of the damage off.