The woman upon whom you gaze upon would at one time have been the most
attractive of all beings you could have lain eyes. Yet, this is now not the
case, as her beauty was disfigured by Thoth when a spell of his went awry.
Now she seeks to discover methods by which she can regain her beauty,
which is why you rather do not like her sudden fixation with you.

the Mask of Disfigurement
demonic eyes
a Staff of Blindness

Bring: 1 tank, 1 hitter, maybe a healer
Weapons: Any
Tunnel: None
Status: Aggressive
Mob Align: Evil
IP check: None
Spell: Paradox Flux

Spells for tank: basics, true sight
Spells for others: basics
Elemental shields: fire


From the entrance to Blasted Lands ( 8e, 2se, s, 4se, 2s, sw, w, sw, 2s, 3se, sw, 2w, sw, 2s, e, scan for entrance ), astral to Ammit, flee east, move another east and summon the rest of your group. Many people like to keep a portal char at this point. Spell up in this room because the next one has an rprog with which Amon will damage you. Once you're done, move 2e.

Send the tank in first. Amon will gouge and blind you a lot and she uses gas breath a fair bit too. She's quite weak against physical damage though, hit her hard and she should go down fast. To leave, go two west back to the portal room, and portal there from all south of Darkhaven.