This lion-headed man is truly awesome. His shaggy mane whips about
his head as he engages you in battle easily. There is nothing he
would desire more than to see your head decorate his trophy rack.

sleeves of Power
leggings of War

sceptre of Bedevilment
plate of Magic
the Throne Room Key

1 tank, 1 hitter, 1 cleric
Weapons: Magic
Tunnel: None
Status: Aggressive
Mob Align: Evil
IP check: None
Spell: Paradox Flux






Spells for tank: basics, valiance, fly
Spells for others:
basics, fly
Elemental shields: none




From the entrance to Blasted Lands ( 8e, 2se, s, 4se, 2s, sw, w, sw, 2s, 3se, sw, 2w, sw, 2s, e, scan for entrance ), astral to Ammit, flee, move 1 east and summon the rest of your group. Many people like to keep a portal char at this point. From there, Anhur is 2n.

Firstly, disarm him. Anhur poisons, blind and also stuns quite well. He also uses the occasional breath attack (lightning/fire/frost), but overall they only do a couple hundred damage. Tank needs to have res poison (if so, you probably don't need the cleric) or something to cure poison on them, because they'll be bitten almost every round. Any sort of hitter works-- mage paradox, thief circle, etc. Ranger wasp talon also hits him VERY well if you wish to weaken him up a bit. To leave, go two south back to the portal room, and portal there from all south of Darkhaven.