This young lady is the forest goddess known as Artemis. She travels
through these realms watching all she can, knowing that she will never
take a male lover after killing her last one.

Bow of the Forest

2-3 hitters, cleric or heals
Weapons: Any
Tunnel: -
Status: Non-aggressive
Mob Align: Devout
IP check: None
Spell: Quantum Spike







Spells for tank: basics, true sight
Spells for others: basics
Elemental shields: none





Artemis wanders a whole lot, but spawns in the north part of the Forest of Tears ( 7w ) somewhere around the Lost Between Woods room, just get detect hidden and track her (sometimes you can't, even if she's there). If she's not in FoT, try looking in the Northern Plains.

You can either poison and let her become a much easier fight or just kill her straight up. Either way you should disarm her quickly if you don't want to scrap the bow. She stuns and gouges, so make sure either you have a cleric with you to cure blind or true sight potions for the tank.