Before you sits a wise, old vampire. His shiny, dark-brown hair is neatly
tucked behind his long, pointed ears. His eyes, black as the night sky,
gaze cautiously at you. You can tell that he is a stranger to neither
legend nor myth. It appears, by his grim face, that he might have even
participated in a couple of them, himself.

a black, brimmed hat
a dark-brown potion (sagacity, slink)

Bring: 1-3 hitters, cleric(s)
Weapons: Any
Tunnel: None
Status: Non-aggressive
Mob Align: Devout
IP check: One, but it's not much harder
Spell: Paradox Flux / Quantum Spike

Spells for tank: basics, true sight
Spells for others: basics,
Elemental shields: none




Atreides is in Scourge of Time, so you'll have to travel through the Astral Plane. It's 8u n and either you already have a pearl wand or you kill the mob there and get one. It's good to keep so that you don't have to bother with him each time. Unlock the gate and step north into the plane. Track malsangre and when you reach him, say back in time. Then you have to make your way through the Sands of Time maze. Once you're in the somber hall, Atreides is to the south.

Atreides is pretty easy, to the point of being soloable. On the other hand, however, he disarms, gouges, poisons and some of his progs do damage to other chars as well as the tank. If you multi, Atreides casts random spells at you, but it really doesn't make it much harder (watch for dispel magic though). Atreides' room is also the recall room, but if you can't recall for a different reason (no blood/mana/he's trying to eat you), just head go n, w to Kahl and beam Kahl, he'll trans you to Bartok Grove and walk back to Darkhaven from there.