Black Rose


Black Rose is a beautiful elven woman standing roughly five foot
six inches tall. Unlike most of her kind, she has raven black
hair that falls fluidly down below her shoulders. Her eyes are
piercing and dark, their almond shape a testament of her elven
heritage. Her movements are graceful as is her kind, and her
quick smile can lull even the most difficult warrior into a sense
of well being, a trait she has learned to use well.

After the fight starts, her description becomes:

Black Rose is the color of ebony, her scales seeming to suck
the very light from the room, reflecting nothing in return.
Her broad head tapers to a long narrow snout and her mouth
is lined with large, razor sharp teeth, the most ominous of
which are the large canines that are capable of piercing the
strongest of magical metal. Her leathery black wings are
folded back along her muscular sides. Her movements are
graceful despite her size and her muscles ripple with each
move. She is clearly one angry dragon!

a piece of a black dragon's hide
Pops (always one of the two):
the signet of Laurieness
a rainbow pendant of Laurieness

Bring: 3 thieves
Weapons: Any
Tunnel: Three + mob
Status: Non-aggressive
Mob Align:  
IP check: One
Spell: -


Spells for tank: basics, full tankset
Spells for others: basics, full tankset
Elemental shields: unknown



Walk to Dragon's Pass and astral to Lasselaure, making sure everyone is hidden to stop you having lots of painful fights with saurians. Then head n, w, n, e, s, e, n, nw, e, se, ne, 2se, ne, w, u.

Then open carvings and go west into the pyramid, all of which is norecall. The pyramid is a 4x4 square (don't go north from the entry room as the only way to get out of that room is to supp a recall). Peek at the inventories of the saurians scattered around the pyramid, one will be carrying '(Magical) (Glowing) a blazing gem eye', this is the key to unlock the way to BR. Once you have it, go to the southwest corner of the pyramid and move north into a room with rubble. Place the eye in the rubble to open up a passage northeast.

Make sure you are all still hidden, then move ne, u, 2s, 2e, 2n, w, s, u. There's no going back from here, the passage back will disappear behind you. Then s, e, n, u to enter Black Rose's lair, which is also the recall room.

When the fight starts, a second BR will appear which uses some nasty gas. Her death prog deals about 1000hp worth of damage to a random person. To run BR, make sure you have good svbreath and bring lots of heals - several hundred each. Although BR's room is tunneled to four, apparently you can flee down to a room which is tunneled to seven and she'll follow you. The piece of black dragon's hide can be made into a black dragonscale hauberk.