Before you stands the most beautiful woman you have ever laid eyes
upon. Her long golden tresses whip about her face in the wind, and
her dark blue eyes gaze appraisingly at you. Her clothing is made
of the finest of furs, and her weapons were crafted by the best of
the dwarven rune-smiths. She moves across the land searching for
those worthy of being taken to Valhalla.

shield of the Valkyrie
Brunhilde's spear

low-cut furs

Bring: 1-2 hitters
Weapons: Any
Tunnel: -
Status: Non-aggressive
Mob Align: Devout
IP check: None
Spell: Quantum Spike

Spells for tank: basics, inner warmth
Spells for others: basics
Elemental shields: ice


Brunhilde teleports and wanders, so she can be hard to track down. She repops in Wild Tundra, in the far south-eastern corner. From the entrance, walk s, se, sw, w, sw, nw, w, s, se, sw, d, 3e, d, se, sw, e, ne, d, ne, n and you'll be at her spawn point, although you'll probably walk past her on the way if she's been there more than a minute or so. If she is there, however, you'll need fly or you'll die in those rooms. If she's in Otherland then she's probably wandering in the Tundra Fields maze, so you can't track her from the regular entrance to the area. Go through Wild Tundra first, head s, se, ne, e and look around in the maze, you should be able to track. If she's not in Otherland, try looking for her in the following areas. Remember that sometime she will show up on 'where' but cannot be tracked, and vice versa.

Blood Sea
Southern Mountain Range
King's Castle
Winter Wonderland painting in DAG (beware of DT)
Astral Plane
Scourge of Time
Tullfuhrzky Manor
Seth's Fortress

She doesn't teleport very often and it seldom works when she casts it, for some reason. If you look at her, she runs a prog that casts sanc on you if your char is female and pretends to do damage to you if your char is a male. Allegedly, she does less damage to females during a fight, but I haven't noticed a difference. She doesn't do damage to anyone but the tank, but you could just cast sanc on people as a precaution.