Catastrophe. That is the single best word to describe this thing mired in the
bottom of the pond. The face of a boar, with eight-inch tusks jutting from its
thick-lipped maw and fiery, blood-shot eyes stare back at you dispassionately.
A snake-like neck swivels the elongated head back and forth through the water
a good six feet from its bloated, buffalo-like body. Its long, club-like tail
thrashes through the water over its back, thrashing with enough force to knock
a man senseless if it were to connect. This creature doesn't look to be a
normal inhabitant of the pond. Chances are it fell down this hole and became
entrenched in the quagmire. Its great bulk suggests it has survived here on
those that have been unfortunate enough to find themselves near the pond.

Pops (always one of the four):
black leather mutant armor
a sturdy cinch of black mutant leather
a catoblepas tusk (rare)

Bring: 4 tanks (nasr equipped), 2-4 vamps
Weapons: Randomised magic/non-magic
Tunnel: None
Status: Aggressive
Mob Align: Evil
IP check: One, or gaze.
Spell: -

Spells for tank: basics, full tankset, protection, aqua breath
Spells for others: basics, aqua breath
Elemental shields: shock


Cato is in the Forgotten Woods, inside the Death and Decay maze. The prep room is below the main entrance to the maze, where you can leave a portal char. If you don't have one, the dirs are as follows: (have invis) 6n, 3nw, 2n, 2nw, n, ne, n, ne, 2n, 2ne, 2n, ne, n, 2nw, 3n, ne, n, nw, 3n, 2ne, n, nw, w, 2nw, w, nw, s, e, 2ne . Then the dirs to the trans room are u, se, w, d (this will put you above Cato). Go through the maze quickly because each room in it is a fast trans room (only a few seconds). After the first kill, you can prep in the room west of Cato (which is a dead end, you have to go through Cato to get to it) - the other rooms are nomagic (and no recall) and you can't get back out into the maze.

Make sure you have aqua breath. Cato will do damage to everyone in the room and gouges the tank a lot. Put any hitters in a lower style than the tanks. Cato has an annoying stun prog that is like bash, except it affects you for about 4rds. If you die at Cato, your corpse ends up in the room to his west. Any disarmed weapons become hidden. If you have five warriors with Nasrs then that's all you'd need. He heals if you have one spring in the room, any more than one and he heals himself fully - it is rumoured that springs in some of the surrounding rooms affect this too. He is also rumored to heal if you flee. The only recall room is the one with Cato in it, obviously making it difficult to get out if he's still alive.