Roaring like an inferno, the sound of this Cyclone spinning is deafening.
Long thought to be an ancient god, the Cyclone has rested in these waters
for millennia, feeding off of the ocean and those foolish enough to venture
too far off land. Rising 200 feet in the air, this being of water, wind and
force is truly an example of nature at its most destructive.

Kau Sin Ke

1 tank, 1-2 hitters (soloable)
Weapons: Any
Tunnel: -
Status: Aggressive
Mob Align: Neutral
IP check: Four
Spell: ?







Spells for tank: basics, eldritch sphere, shadowform, valiance, inner warmth, grounding
Spells for others: basics, inner warmth, grounding
Elemental shields: ice





Cyclone sits in a noexit room in the Village of Edo ( nw, 2w, 4n, e, look painting, open n, n, 26w, 2n, ne, nw, n, nw, 2w, 6n, nw ), so you should go n, ne, n, e, se, ne, e and prepare there, before you go south to Cyclone.

Cyclone often hands out quite a lot of damage, but if you can take it then it's not a hard fight. Send the tank in first, but the hitters will take damage during the fight, although not too much. Vamps are probably the best hitters to use. The more electricity resistance you have, the better.