The dark form of Danbala Wedo lies stretched out before you. His long
body is coiled in the shadows so it is hard to tell how large he is. Rising
from the pile of dark scales is a large head, hooded and slowly weaving
back and forth in the silence. Lighter colored scales form strange patterns
up the underside of Danbala's neck, then slowly turn darker again. His
eyes glitter with ancient knowledge of the gods. Venom drips off two
large fangs as he opens his mouth to hiss at you for intruding in his

ring of the ancient gods

Snake's eye
essence of kundalini

skull of Danbala (less frequent pop)
ancient sight of the snake (rare pop)

Bring: 4 warriors
Weapons: Any
Tunnel: Five
Status: Aggressive
Mob Align: Neutral
IP check: One
Spell: -

Spells for tank: basics, full tankset
Spells for others: basics, full tankset
Elemental shields: fire, ice, shock




These dirs are wrong.

Danbala resides within La Chute D'eau De L'ancients ( only fighters can chop through the briars - 6n, 6e, se, e, 2ne, e, nw, 2n, 2ne, w, 2nw, e, 2n, ne, n, ne, 2w, chop, se, chop, sw, chop, w, chop, w, chop, s, chop, sw, chop, w, chop, nw, chop, w, chop, w, chop, nw, ne ). From the entrance of La Chute: 2n, ne, u, e, ne, e, 3u, w (Do not go 2w, it's a DT) 2u, n, 2u, n, nw, 5u, ne, u, open n, n, e, n, 2w, n, window. Now you're in the fire maze. To map it, follow these instructions. From the first room (as soon as you type window) have someone sit. One person moves in the other 4 directions to find the nonmagic room (there's only one). When you find it, move everyone to that room and have them sit there. From there, two of the four dirs are magic rooms, mark those seperately and have one person sit at each one. Wait until one of those people gets transferred into the tunnel - takes a while - and get the rest of the group to go into that transroom too (depending on the size of your group, this can take up to 2 or 3 hours - take care that you don't disappear into the void, or it's back to the entrance for you!). Pay attention, however, because you get transed into a room which is underwater. To avoid needing aqua breath, go 2u, say place my feet on the ground again and you will be transed to the ground. Wait for your group members to get transed as well, then form a group and follow the path. When you hit a dead end, open drain and keep following the path. You will run into 4 guardians along this path, each one more difficult than the last. Be careful, because one of them disarms. Once you get to the fourth guardian, kill it and get the key from the corpse. Then say I am ready now to face danbala and you'll be transed again. From here, go north and up and you are ready to kill Danbala.

Don't disarm or rescue! Danbala has several nasty progs for when you do this, so don't. Set your wimpy, around 800. Make sure you create a spring as soon as you get into the room. You may wish to bring a fifth warrior, even though Danny's room is only tunneled to five (minus the mob himself, of course, which means four players can get in), just to act as a backup and hopefully make the run a little easier. Be careful though, because the room outside his one is tunneled to two, so if two people are idling there then the rest are trapped. Don't log off or disappear into the void, or you'll be sent right back to the entrance of La Chute. You also need about 1000 heals to take on Danbala (assuming you're going to kill him a few times, of course).

If you know the exact dirs to go repair, don't spam them in because if the door is closed then you'll end up in a DT. Anyway, from the gate, open skulls, north and follow the path. To get back to Danny, say back to danbala and you'll be back at the gate. Make sure you have fly or you will fall into a DT! Unlock east and go all east, the next exit will be Danbala.