Delasu is a large dragon with shiny green and black scales all over his body.
When he stretches his wings, they fill the entire cavern, creating great waves
of heat throughout it. Flames drip from his nostrils as he snorts with rage at
the intrusion to his lair. A bone, gnawed and slightly charred is grasped in
one of his large clawed feet.

pair of reddish leggings
the Delasu helm
the Delasu armor plate

Bring: 1 tank, 2-3 thieves
Mob Align:  
IP check: One
Spell: -

Spells for tank: basics, eldritch sphere
Spells for others: basics, benediction
Elemental shields: unknown




Delasu's in Underworld ( 26w, 7s, e, s, e, s, d, s, give 50000 coins Wicorith ), track him from there.

Scry everywhere! There's a whole lot of DTs in Underworld. Send the tank in first, or the whole group will get hit by Delasu's 800hp entry prog. She has an mprog that damages one piece of eq on each person in the room, on top of about 200hp damage. Therefore, don't do many kills without heading off to repair. If you link-dead or log off in his room, you will be transed to a room you can't get out of. To recall, open portal and up and you'll be in DH.