Dennis Moore


Once a highwayman of some reknown, working the roadways and trails of the
realms with impunity, Dennis has made a career of relieving people of their
most prized posessions. Though most robbers like stealth and shadows, Dennis
has chosen a more colourful path. Wearing a bright purple hat, with a yellow
jerkin and brown pants, he also sports a bright green cloak that can be seen
for miles. Made insane during a nasty accident involving a troll, a large club
and a sharpened piece of mango, he has recently taken on a penchant for taking
people's flowers. It would be wise, should he been seen, to run away quickly
for his madness and horrid colour sense have been said to be contagious.

a bright yellow jerkin
a bright purple, pointed hat
a pair of striped brown pants

the green cloak of the highwayman

Bring: 1-2 tanks, 3-5 hitters (pref. thieves)
Weapons: Any
Tunnel: None
Status: Non-aggressive
Mob Align: Neutral
IP check: One
Spell: Paradox Flux

Spells for tank: basics, shadowform, true sight
Spells for others: basics
Elemental shields: fire, ice, shock


Running Dennis is the trickiest part of the mini-quest to make a platinum chained mantle of O'laski (follow that link to learn how to get the lupin). He spawns in a seemingly random spot on either the Western Trading Route or (less often) the Eastern Trade Route at 1am and wanders up and down it a little until sunrise (6am), at which point he'll vanish (unless he's fighting).

Dennis is a pacifist until you give him 'a freshly cut purple lupin', from the safe in the Falcon's Nest Tavern on the WTR. Spell up at about midnight and track Dennis (because running up and down the trade routes to look for him really sucks). He'll attack whichever char gives him the lupin. Dennis doesn't do huge amounts of damage, but the EQ damage is pretty bad (to the point where you might have to start stripping if you don't kill him fast enough). He's also immune to grasp.