Dobra is dressed in clothes that belong on someone much younger than
herself. She wears a long, off-white open-faced gown over her clothing
though it does little to hide what she wears beneath. Her hair is about the
same color as the gown she is wearing, so it is with some shock that one
realizes just how very long it is; it is so long it trails the ground behind her.
There is a sharp wit that shines from her coal-black eyes and though she
may be old and frail, there is something there in her eyes that speaks of
strength. She was probably very beautiful when she was younger, the
bones of her face hint to it, but now her face is a web of fine lines and

cream-colored harem pants
cream-colored sash

string of dragon teeth

bat skull
band of silver
shard of ruby
Covenant charm of the Eldest
tight bustier
off-white gown
a black lace brassiere (2)
couple persimmon berries
(cure poison, poison, slink)
spicebush twig
(remove curse)
hollow gourd
pinch of cattail pollen
(cure blindness)
Dried elderberry leaves
Dried fireweed stalks
Dried thistle barbs
Ground hickory leaves
Jellied wintergreen leaves
(inner warmth)
Peppermint leaves
Silver nightshade

Bring: 3-6 hitters
Weapons: Any
Tunnel: None
Status: Non-aggressive
Mob Align: Evil
IP check: Easiest ip1, feasible until after 6.
Spell: Quantum Spike

Spells for tank: basics, eldritch sphere
Spells for others: basics, benediction
Elemental shields: iceshield, shockshield, fireshield




Dobra is in the Forgotten Woods, exact dirs are 8n, ne, w, n, ne, nw, e, ne, n, e, ne, 2n, 2ne, 2e, n, 3ne, e, ne, e, ne, nw, sw, n, ne, n, ne, 2w, chop, se, chop, sw, chop, w, chop, w, chop, s, chop, sw, chop, w, chop, nw, chop, w, chop, w, nw, sw. This is the 'paradise' room, which is norecall. Dobra is north of here, through the door. If you try to just open it and walk in, she'll kick you out. You have to rap n, then you'll get pulled into her room.

You have to start the first fight solo and then bring everyone else in, but after that the group can stay in the room. When you attack her, she closes and locks the door, so remember to pick / knock / doorbash it if you need to flee. She also casts all three elemental shields on herself. She casts weaken, poison and blind, so bring cure poisons and trues and have resist poison if you can. On the other hand, you can spell her down with everything except poison and blind. If you disarm her she will just re-wield straight away, so don't bother. If you flee from her then she tries to summon you, but she can't summon you from paradise. If you log in her room, you get transed back to paradise. Dobra has a huge amount of hp, it can take up to half an hour per kill. She can be circled. Either chop or log in paradise to get back out into the thorns, you can recall from there.