As you look into the eyes of the legendary Count Dracula, you see nothing
- no fear, no pain, no emotion ... nothing. He has lived for centuries,
wandering the earth in search of the warm fluid of life, and has been
cursed with an existence of eternal damnation. His eyes pulsate with the
evil that looms within us all, and his beckoning is almost tempting......


Cloak of Bloodlust
Visage of Bloodlust
Guard of Legends

Bring: 1 tank (rescuer), 4 hitters, 2 cleric
Weapons: Non-magic
Tunnel: Five
Status: Aggressive
Mob Align:  
IP check: One
Spell: Quantum Spike

Spells for tank: basics, protect, eldritch sphere, demonskin, dragonskin, resilience, alertness
Spells for others: basics, benediction, eldritch sphere, demonskin, dragonskin
Elemental shields: none




Dracula is in (surprise, surprise) Transylvania. Portal leech and track henchmen (henchman?), who have the key to get into the castle. The castle is norecall, by the way. You want to spell up before you take these guys on, they're pretty tough. Everything but eldritch, which you can quaff just before Drac.

Only bring devouts! Make sure the tank isn't sneaking and then send him in first. If you circle him, he will slay you. Ergo, do not circle him. Also, he's immune to grasp so you should use vomica instead - or even better, don't use a vamp. Harm is rumoured to work well against him, but I think the mana's better spent on fortify. Drac switches tanks, so the tank will need to rescue a lot. He also puts people to sleep and kicks them out of the room, damages eq heavily and poisons the tank. When the fight starts, faerie fire and weaken him. Once he's dead, another mob pops, which you can grasp. The trick to this run is being able to kill both this mob and Dracula before the repop, so that you're not fighting both at once.