Father Darstry


This stern-looking man has eyes like steel. He has endured much
pain over the years through these violent times, and his demeanor
reflects it. He looks like one of the fathers you had in parochial
school who would rather rule with an iron hand than with a pen.

Rod of Divinity
Staff of Holy Divination

Bring: 1 warrior, 1 thief
Weapons: Any
Tunnel: None
Status: Non-aggressive
Mob Align: Devout
IP check: None

Spells for tank: basics, antimagic shell, ethereal shield
Spells for others: basics, antimagic shield
Elemental shields: shock




Darstry is in Knights of the Round. Firstly, you'll need to get into the "Mists at Ends" painting in Darkhaven Art Gallery ( 4s, w, 2n, give 5k coins receptionist, unlock/open n, 2n, e, ne, nw, 2ne ). Then enter and go all s, all w, 4s, w, e, s, e, w, ne, e, kneel, all n, u, all south, open round (you need a char with 25 str to do this), s, sw, all s till you come to Leodegrance, tell leodegrance in the dungeons for trans, get bible and go into the next room, drop bible and sac bible to open a secret passage, go through it into Father Darstry's room.

Darstry has an entry prog for evils that does 100hp damage. It's easiest to tank and circle with the thief and stun with the warrior. Disarm him. He casts spiral and it really, really hurts. Most people kill Darstry just so that they'll be able to flee from Guenevere without copping his entry prog. To get out, go west past Guenevere and use knock so you can open altar.