Father Time


A long, white beard flows down to his belt. He glances at you, and you are
overcome with intense feelings of insignificance. His eyes possess wisdom
unrivaled by all that you have witnessed. Though his beard is the color of
snow, you notice that his hair is a light shade of brown.

Dark, fated mists

blackened, mangled belt
aura of Eternal Grandeur
a mysterious seven-leaf clover
Father Time's black bong of deliberation

Bring: 3 strong thieves, 1-2 mages for charm
Weapons: Any
Tunnel: Three + mob
Status: Non-aggressive
Mob Align: Evil
IP check: One. Or you die.
Spell: -

Spells for tank: basics, full tankset
Spells for others: basics, full tankset
Elemental shields: fire, ice, shock




FT is in the Scourge of Time, so get to the Astral Plane ( 8u, n ) and either you already have a pearl wand or you kill the mob there and get one. It's good to keep so that you don't have to bother with him each time. Unlock/open the gate and step north into the plane. Track Malsangre and say back in time to get transed to the start of the Sands of Time maze. Go through the maze and push/pull sceptre, unlock/open west, west. Make sure that you have at least 500rds on fly at this point. Head 2u, all n, open trapdoor, u, pick secret, west, all d, n, open cavepainting, n. Check fly. The Omen birds can't be charmed anymore, so you'll have to kill them (they are aggro and have detects), just don't flee or kill the one with the key while you're over the nofloor DT. Make sure you get the key from one of the birds, then go all n, open n, drop key, north. Have a thief steal the key from Dalkeil so you can unlock/open grate, drop key, down, push/pull derrick. FT will be in the room below you (items will fall and you will too if you don't have fly).

You need to have some way to cast fly on yourself (either a magical carpet or fly potions) and to keep an eye on the rds on your fly. Don't spam circle or log in his room. You can cast unravel / lethargy / razorbait / faerie fire on FT, so use these scrolls on him. FT stuns you with a spell called gaze that doesn't give a message to your or anyone else in the room and isn't affected any by valiance, so you have to be very careful.