Its head rising a good eight feet off the ground, this is without a doubt
the most incredible amphibian you have ever laid eyes upon ... it doesn't
seem to think too much of you, though. Thick strands of mucous, thick as
rope, drip from its nostrils while large eyes gleam impassively down upon
you like great black marbles. A reeking sheen of foamy white goo covers
most of its backside, and every so often it burps a thick glob of the stuff
halfway out of its maw before quickly gobbling it back down. Froghemoths
are rumoured to enjoy gobbling lots of things down - fish, birds, wargs,
trees, boulders, people, anything it finds to be particularly interesting.
Thank god you're boring as hell.

a girth of mangled hide

5-8 tanks/hitters
Weapons: Non-magic blades
Tunnel: None
Status: Non-aggressive
Mob Align:  
IP check: Two or three
Spell: -





Spells for tank: basics, eldritch sphere, demonskin, dragonskin, true sight
Spells for others: basics, eldritch sphere, demonskin, dragonskin, true sight
Elemental shields: none




Froghemoth wanders in the Ashen Forest now, in the 'Within the Ashen Forest' maze. Sometimes he manages to walk out into the rest of the area, or to the start of King's Castle.


Froggy isn't affected by spelldowns and heals when you circle him. He gouges, too. Once the fight starts, everyone has to be ready to tank/rescue. Don't say 'ribbit'. No one likes a smart arse.