Deep in prayer, this nun works tirelessly to bring peace to
Camelot. Clothed as she is, it is impossible to know if she
is beautiful. But her heart is one of gold.

Queen Guenevere's bracelet

Bring: 2-3 hitters (thieves are best)
Weapons: Non-magic
Tunnel: None
Status: Non-aggressive
Mob Align: Neutral
IP check: One is best, no pop if higher than ip2
Spell: Paradox Flux / Quantum Spike

Spells for tank: basics, eldritch sphere, shadowform, antimagic shell, blazeward, resilience, acidward
Spells for others: basics, eldritch sphere, shadowform, antimagic shell, blazeward, resilience, acidward
Elemental shields: fire



Firstly, you'll need to get into the "Mists at Ends" painting in Darkhaven Art Gallery ( 4s, w, 2n, give 5k coins receptionist, unlock/open n, 2n, e, ne, nw, 2ne ). Then enter and go all s, all w, 4s, w, e, s, e, w, ne, e, kneel, all n, u, all south, open round (you need a char with 25 str to do this), s, sw, w, sw, s which should bring you to Leodegrance, tell leodegrance in the dungeons for trans, get bible and go into the next room, drop bible and sac bible to open a secret passage, go west through it into Father Darstry's room. It's best to kill Darstry first so you'll be able to flee out from Guen without getting hit by his entry prog (about 200hp), unless you're confident that you won't have to flee.

If you aren't taking a character with knock, then have passdoor (or have a scroll) so that you'll be able to get out through the altar to the west of her once she's dead. Guenevere appears to just be a nun, but you can use the keyword guen to target her (or 3.nun if you want, but why would you?). Guen will summon more nuns during the fight, there's no real point killing the existing ones first. They've got a little circle prog on them, casting harm for less than 100 damage. Guen does nasty gas / acid breath and casts gaze, so any extra saves you can get are worthwhile (wear an ice girth).