This mob has no description.

the Souldrinker
the black plate of Hades
a Helm of Invisibility

Bring: 1 tank, 2-3 hitters
Weapons: Any
Status: Non-aggressive
Mob Align: Evil
IP check:  

Spells for tank: basics, protection, demonskin, valiance
Spells for others: basics, benediction
Elemental shields: fire, ice, shock




To get to Olympus now you have to travel through the Astral Plane, so it's 8u n and either you already have a pearl wand or you kill the mob there and get one. It's good to keep so that you don't have to bother with him each time. Unlock the gate and step north into the plane. Track messenger and when you reach him, say will you take me to olympus? From where you are transferred to, travel 4n, 2e, d. Be careful here, because you the room east is a DT. All characters have to give 1 coin to charon, then still be wary because now the DT is to the west. Go south and kill cerberus, then make sure you're hidden so you don't get attacked and go another 2s, se, sw.

Make sure you have valiance, he stuns a lot. If you disarm him, he'll break the souldrinker. Make sure you're all config +autoloot or you won't get all the eq before his deathprog transes you to Zeus. This can be bad if someone is running Zeus, because if you're unlucky you'll get hit by one of his area attacks. If for some reason you can't make the kill and you want to get back to DH, grovel hades and he'll trans you back.