This huge beast has a mottled green carapace shell protecting most of
it's twenty foot long body and ten flailing tentacles, each easily twice
as long again and each lined with rows of fist-sized suckers. Two of it's
ten arms are slightly longer than the rest and tipped with rows of jagged
claws, and as it thrashes it's arms about, you find yourself staring into
a gaping beak-like maw. Two very human-looking plate-sized eyes glare at
you as it reaches a long green tentacle towards you.

crystalline teardrop
kraken's eye

Bring: 1+ hitter(s), 1 healer
Weapons: Any
Tunnel: Five
Status: Aggressive
Mob Align: Neutral
IP check: None
Spell: Paradox Flux / Quantum Spike

Spells for tank: basics, grounding
Spells for others: basics, grounding
Elemental shields: none




Travel to the Octopus Garden ( 6s, ne, 2s, se, 2e, s, 2sw, s, 2e, u, 3e, 2s, se, e, ne, d ) and head all d, e, open down, d, open down, d. The Kraken will be to your east.

The Kraken is a very simple and easy run. Just walk in and kill him, he's not very strong. His little lightning blast always seems to hit my cleric for some reason, however. Closing the exits behind you will help to avoid some of the aggressive mobs.