Lord Xyranthas
(Lord X)


You find yourself face to face with the true Lord of Shadowport, and not
his simulacrum decoy. You realize that he is NOT a man; at least, not
anymore. Now a demi-lich of great power, he is a force to be reckoned
with -- after all, he has tamed the great Curdardh! With a horrible
shock you realize that if he descended upon the Realms he would most
likely destroy it. Do you think you have what it takes to put an end to
that threat?


the Robe of the Magi
the Ring of Wizardry
the Crimson Dagger

chunk of black licorice

Bring: 1 tank, 3 thieves, 2 clerics* (devs)
Weapons: Any
Tunnel: None
Status: Aggressive
Mob Align: Evil
IP check: None
Spell: Black Lightning

* Travelling through the nomagic maze before Lord X is a lot harder than actually running him.
You'll need shockshield, protect and sanc while going through.
Rangers / Paladins can use regen/bind wounds/tend for healing.

Spells for tank: basics, eldritch sphere
Spells for others: basics
Elemental shields: fire, ice, shock



Travelling to Xyranthas is tricky. Go to Shadowport ( portal to chreffn, all north, open stone, down ), buy the emerald key from Rynak ( track Rynak, open panel ), then from the stairs entrance, track Curdardh. The rooms from here until Curdardh are nomagic rooms and at some point you will meet a fake Lord Xyranthas, ignore him and keep going. All of the mobs in the maze are evil. Your tracking should lead you 3s, 2w, n, pick n, open n, n, open wall, 2n, unlock n, n, 4w, n, enter, n, e, open coffin, d (there is a DT if you go down a second time, so don't!), open wall, e, open s, s, open bookshelf, s, d, n, open portal, n. You are now at Curdardh. Send a thief on his own to steal the key from him, flee and relog if he catches you. Once you have it, lock your characters in Curdardh's room and try to unlock/open n to get into Xyranthas' room then close/lock s behind you as quickly as possible so that he doesn't get out. This is because he is aggressive, but flees soon into the fight. If he does get out into Curdardh's room, then sit in Xyranthas' room and try to close the door behind him when he wanders back in (you might want to set up a trigger for this).

I would only bring devout chars, as Lord X gates in a bunch of guardian vamps that will ruin your align otherwise. Close and lock the door once you're in, he'll get out if it is unlocked. Disarm him and he doesn't hit that hard. Xyranthas used to be immune circle, but now he isn't, so circle away (just to clarify). Once Xyranthas dies, the pit fiend gets transferred in. Kill it (not easy) and wait with Curdardh for the repop. Curdardh's Vault Key purges itself occasionally, so you'll have to re-steal it when it does - and just pray it doesn't happen while you're in Xyranthas' room. Don't go s, e, d from Curdardh, it's a DT. To get out, kill the fake Lord X and go through the room of portals (should be s, s, u, open tile, s from Curdardh).