McManus towers more than eighty inches above.  Dark-brown hair, twisted into
savage battle braids, droops downwards towards strange dimensions.  Glowing, red
pupils frighten whatever they gaze on.  He has fought, not to mention massacred,
many things spookier than you.

Gloom's beckonings
boots of ancient spider venom

Bring: 3 hitters, preferably mages
Weapons: Any
Tunnel: Three + mob
Status: Aggressive
Mob Align: Evil
IP check: One, or you die
Spell: Quantum Spike

Spells for tank: basics, shadowform, eldritch sphere, protection, grounding
Spells for others: basics, protection, grounding
Elemental shields: shock



I haven't run McManus for a long time, I'm afraid all I can remember is that he's in Antall and that the maze can take a few hours to get through. If you know how to get to him, please tell me. In any case, to get to Antall head 6s, ne, 2s, se, 2e, s, 2sw, s, 2e, u, 4e, se, d, drop something a marker because only one of the following three paths will lead you through the maze and into Antall: (1) e, u, scry in all directions for "A dark, scarlet main"; (2) s, u, scry in all directions for "A dark, scarlet main"; (3) w, u, scry in all directions for "A dark, scarlet main".

Don't cast faerie fire on McManus, he's got a prog for it. Ethereal funnel works well, on the other hand. McManus does some serious eq damage, you might need to strip. For one of his progs, he does a tail lash which throws you out of the room and he switches tanks in the process. If you get thrown out, it's 2se to get back to him, but beware of the DT to your north. Keep your wimpy on 0 and keep an eye on aqua breath.