The Lieutenant seems like a happy fellow. Although he suffers from a lack
of intelligence, he is quite a challenge in combat. His armor is made of
obsidian, and his sword of an unknown black metal. If you would like to
test his abilities - go right ahead.

a black hilted sword called "Doomgiver"
obsidian leggings
obsidian bracer (2)
obsidian helmet
suit of obsidian plate armor
obsidian cloak
Amulet of Solace
steel key
signet of Solace (2)

3 hitters (at least), 2 healers
Weapons: Non-magic weapons*
Tunnel: Seven + mob
Status: Non-aggressive
Mob Align: Devout
IP check: None
Spell: Acetum Primus





* Nelson will sacrifice many weapons once he disarms you! This goes for anything with the keywords "sword", "spear", "blade", "club", "mace" or "dagger".
Safe weapons include: mauls of stone, tarry horns, bammy fangs, DCoLs, divinity rods, lifebanes and voids.

Spells for tank: basics, eldritch sphere, shadowform, demonskin, true sight.
Spells for others: basics
Elemental shields: fire, ice, shock



Go to Solace ( nw, 2w, 4n, e, look painting, open n, n, 23w, 3n ), then either head 5n, 2e, open e, e, open e, e, open n, n, 2w, 2n, e, open n, n or just track Nelson.


Nelson loves to disarm and gouge.