Slender and corded with ropy muscles, a dark skinned man clad in
leather breeches and vest stands upon the floor of the nest. Gleaming
black feathers are twined in the long braid that hangs down his back,
while a necklace of the same feathers are hanging from about his neck.
Sensing your presence, he turns and faces you, his eyes crinkling with
wry amusement as he meets your gaze.

necklace of raven feathers

Bring: a character
Weapons: Any
Tunnel: None
Status: Non-aggressive
Mob Align: Devout
IP check: None
Spell: Quantum Spike

Spells for tank: basics
Spells for others: basics
Elemental shields: none


Raven is in Tree of Life ( 50w, 5s, 3w ), which everyone is quite familiar with, but still be sure to watch out for the trees in the forest on the way. Make sure you have fly and invis, then go another 8w, n, open n, 5n, 8u, 2w.

For an avatar, Raven is a pushover. My cleric can solo him with no problems, he just has quite a lot of HP.