This is just a simple trigger to rewield your weapon when disarmed. You'll need to set up a variable called @weapon with your weapon's keyword in it. Since the echo now tells you the name of the weapon, there's probably some way to set up a big table with each weapon and its keyword so that you don't need to know the variable, but it would need to be fairly extensive and I'm not sure how. So I've kept it simple:

#TRIGGER {DISARMS your *!} {get @weapon;wield @weapon}

If you've got two different weapons then this won't be enough, you'll need to specify weapons. If you want to use this trigger, you'll have to customise it. This version of the trigger uses a Justice and a Snake's eye, but if neither of them are the weapon that is disarmed, the trigger works in the normal fashion (I write it this way so that I can use it across characters with differing circumstances).

#TRIGGER {DISARMS your (*)!} {#IF (%1="Justice") {get justice;wield justice} {#IF (%1="the Snake's eye") {get eye;wield eye} {get @weapon;wield @weapon}}}