This is a really simple set of triggers and they follow the same kind of theme as most of my favourite ones (simple and lazy). After you play realms for a while, you know pretty well what level of health the glance messages correspond to, but it can be kinda handy having the numbers in front of you. I'm pretty stupid and this stops me making mistakes.

#TRIGGER {perfect health} {#SUB "perfect health ~(100%~)"} {damage}
#TRIGGER {slightly scratched} {#SUB "slightly scratched ~(95-99%~)"} {damage}
#TRIGGER {few bruises} {#SUB "few bruises ~(81-94%~)"} {damage}
#TRIGGER {some cuts} {#SUB "some cuts ~(71-80%~)"} {damage}
#TRIGGER {several wounds} {#SUB "several wounds ~(61-70%~)"} {damage}
#TRIGGER {nasty wounds} {#SUB "nasty wounds ~(51-60%~)"} {damage}
#TRIGGER {bleeding freely} {#SUB "bleeding freely ~(41-50%~)"} {damage}
#TRIGGER {covered in blood} {#SUB "covered in blood ~(31-40%~)"} {damage}
#TRIGGER {leaking guts} {#SUB "leaking guts ~(21-30%~)"} {damage}
#TRIGGER {almost dead} {#SUB "almost dead ~(11-20%~)"} {damage}
#TRIGGER {DYING} {#SUB "DYING ~(1-10%~)"} {damage}

In addition, you will need to go into the trigger window, open the damage class and click on the options tab for each of those triggers. In there you need to change the 'trigger on:' status from new line to prompt.

Here's one I prepared earlier. My big ugly fprompt changes from this:

/1051|1051\./1536|1536\./4,096,224\./12\./A cute rabbit, covered in blood\

to this:

/1051|1051\./1536|1536\./4,096,224\./12\./A cute rabbit, covered in blood (31-40%)\